Jacqueline I. Roberts
Jacqueline I. Roberts

Jacqueline I. Roberts

Realtor • Realtor • License: RS3000549

Born and raised in Aston, Delaware County, Jackie moved to Chester County in 2000 and immediately fell in love with the landscape and the abundance of open space. Jackie and her husband, Tony, live outside Unionville in West Marlborough Township. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Neumann University in Marketing with a minor in computer science. Jackie brings a variety of work experience to her position as a realtor. Upon graduating from college, she worked as a customer service representative and credit analyst for MBNA Corporation in Delaware for 7 years. After that she took on several different professional positions; sales representative at Mercedes-Benz of Wilmington, sales representative at Devon Hill BMW, a mortgage originator and a retail banking manager for WSFS Bank. With a strong blend of sales and financial background, she can carefully think through the details of helping you sell or buy a house and successfully create marketing strategies.

Professional Experience

~ 10+ years of financial experience; Retail Bank Manager, Credit Card Bank Customer Service Representative and Credit Card bank Credit Analyst.
~ Credit Analyst. 5+ years sales experience; Mercedes-Benz Sales Representative, BMW Sales Representative
~ Adopts the philosophy of “think of yourself as a customer” and puts herself in her client’s shoes to see the experience through their prospective.

Successful Sales Record